Tips for Watering Your Trees

Jun, 26, 2017

If you are planning on planting trees or have trees in your yard currently, then you need to know how to water them properly. Unfortunately, over watering your trees can be just as damaging as not watering them at all. The amount of water that is required is dependent on several factors, including the species and age of tree, what type of year it is, the soil and weather. As a general rule, trees that have just been planted and young trees will need to be watered more often than...Read more

Tips for Choosing and Hanging a Tree Swing for Your Yard

Jun, 21, 2017

There is no question that installing a tree swing in your yard can provide hours of fun and entertainment for your family. However, before you use your tree swing, you have to ensure it is installed properly. You need to make sure you choose a mature, healthy and strong tree to ensure the swing is secured. If you have questions about a tree’s suitability, then you should ask the professionals before moving forward with the project. Types of Tree Swings There are three basic types of tree...Read more

The Risk of Oak Mites this Summer in Kansas City

Jun, 14, 2017

After the 2016 outbreak of oak leaf itch mites in Kansas City, many people are worried if the pesky critters are returning this year. The fact is, the oak mite might have contributed to you having to retreat indoors until a hard freeze wiped them up. With another growing season here, many people are worried about the oak mite’s return. Unfortunately, there have already been a few documented cases of these critters, much earlier than they appeared in the past. Some are worried that this...Read more

The Potential Dangers and Problems of Overplanting Trees

Jun, 06, 2017

When you plant a tree, it requires plenty of space to grow and spread its roots. However, if you plant trees too closely together, a number of issues may arise. For example, sunlight will not be able to filter down to the lower leaves, moisture won’t be able to make it to the soil and your trees won’t be able to get the nutrition that is needed. If trees are planted too closely together, they may also begin to show symptoms of a problem. Proper spacing of your trees can be determined by...Read more

Planting Trees in Kansas City: What Time of Year is Best?

Jun, 01, 2017

When warm, spring weather arrives, many people want to get outdoors and enjoy their yard and spruce it up. However, while there are some plants that should be planted in the spring and summer months, this typically isn’t the case when it comes to trees. Since Kansas City experiences rather severe winters, it is a good idea to consider tree planting activities carefully. There is both a short and long answer to the question of when you should plant your trees. Planting Trees: The Short...Read more