Stump Removal

Stump Removal Services Throughout the Kansas City Metro Area

stump removal kansas cityAt A & E Tree, our Kansas City stump removal professionals know that a stump can not only be an eyesore, it can ruin the appeal of your landscape. We understand that for many home and business owners, the stump left behind after a tree is removed can be problematic. While you may consider cutting the stump as close to ground level as possible, there are still issues to face. The roots that stem from a stump can be dangerous – and accidentally running over a stump with a lawn mower can be costly in terms of your equipment.

In addition, stumps can attract disease and insects that put other plants, shrubs, and trees at risk. In the Kansas City Metro area, there are several communities that have HOA (Home Owners Association) rules concerning stumps and their removal. You could choose to rent a stump grinder and take care of the job yourself, however this can get costly – and even then, removal of large stumps or those in difficult to access areas is not easy. Our professional crew members will make easy work of those unsightly stumps ruining your landscape!

While you may think the primary reason to have a stump removed is for aesthetic appeal, there are actually several reasons:

  • Tree stumps can be a safety hazard, causing tripping or even falling
  • Termites love stumps, including the portion of the stump below the ground
  • Because roots often continue to grow, stumps can cause problems with walkways, driveways, or even plumbing
  • A stump can be right in the way when you decide to expand your offices, or install a shed, fence, or other structure on a residential property


Removing stumps not only beautifies your landscape, it helps maintain your property’s value. The grindings of a stump can be used as mulch for flower, shrub, and plant beds, so there are additional benefits to be gained aside from removing the stump.

Ultimately, having stump removal performed by A & E Tree offers many benefits for residential and commercial customers in the Kansas City Metro area. In addition to removing a potential “home” for termites, insects, parasites, and disease, stump removal kills any roots that remain beneath the soil, which means the stump will no longer steal much-needed nutrients from other trees, plants, and shrubs that require those nutrients to remain healthy and flourish.

At A & E Tree, we are equipped with both the equipment and the professionals to safely and effectively remove your stump at a rate you can afford. Call us now at 913-200-3040 for outstanding Kansas City tree removal, tree trimming and stump removal services.