Frost Cracks in Trees Around Kansas City

Feb, 29, 2016

Many people have never heard of a condition referred to as "frost cracks" in trees. In the Kansas City area, it is not an uncommon topic considering temperatures frequently transition from abnormally high to abnormally low over a short time span, something we've experienced this winter. Certain species are more prone to frost cracks than others, especially trees with thinner bark such as the sunset or October glory maple. What causes these cracks, which species are more susceptible, and...Read more

What is Tree Topping?

Feb, 10, 2016

Topping is a more intensive form of pruning, in which a tree’s height is reduced either by removing larger limbs from the trunk, or by cutting the main body of the trunk to bring it down to a specific height. While there are many practical applications for tree topping, like pollarding (encouraging new/fresh growth) and coppicing (a more drastic form of pollarding), topping is not always a necessary practice for maintaining the health of a tree(s). Trees growing in residential areas, for...Read more