Tree Trimming

tree-trimmingCorrectly trimming your trees will create a visually appealing result throughout your landscape. That will increase the overall value and curb appeal of your property. First step is to have A&E Tree come out and perform a FREE arbor care assessment/estimate. Your trees overall health, structure and stability is the primary focus. Removing any dead diseased broken or obstructing limbs, and in some cases removing live growth to enhance the overall stability of the tree, as well creating air flow throughout the canopy which allows sunlight to the ground and reduces the possibility of any future deadwood or diseased limbs as well as damage due to inclement weather. In this process we also lift the crown of the tree to proper canopy height based on overall size of tree. creating an even amount of main lateral limbs around tree to promote even weight distribution into the trunk.

Customer Satisfaction is our top priority. Listening to what the client wants to achieve visually is of utmost importance, everyone’s preferences differ! And we cater to your wants and needs.



Structure Clearance

Lot of times in your yard you have trees that are growing to close to your home. This is what we call “structure pruning” this is where we properly prune a tree away from a structure. While doing this it is very important to deliver proper clearance but also create a natural and visually pleasing result. And depending on how much growth we take away, it is crucial to balance the remainder of the trees crown to ensure weight distribution is as even as possible going into the trunk and main leaders of the tree to prevent any damage due to high wind or weather. Keeping lateral branches as evenly spaced as possible promotes a strong and healthy base!

Road and Pedestrian clearance

Removing low hanging, dead and or broken limbs. Lifting Trees to proper crown height to prevent any obstruction in a roadway, walking path or sidewalk is very important.

Line and Wire Clearance

Plain and simple, Pruning limbs a safe distance away from any utility line . there are many different ways of doing this, if you have a situation where you need line clearance Please contact A&E Tree immediately to have one of our professionals asses the situation and guide you thru the proper trimming process to ensure you don’t end up with a butchered tree.

View enhancement trimming

This is when you have a situation where tree growth has over taken a view or part of your lifestyle. Maybe you have a beautiful lake behind your house, or a pool in need of sunlight, or your installing a patio or outdoor living space, or you have a golf course you would like to have a better view of. In all these cases we can can Prune your trees to better serve you and your landscape based on your preferences, keeping your trees healthy and creating a natural and pleasing finished product.