Tree Removal Considerations in Kansas City

Mar, 29, 2016

Whether large or small, it's a tough decision when it comes time to consider tree removal on your property. If you're a Kansas City home or business owner who isn't sure if this is the best solution, below are a few things you should keep in mind in making your decision. How much damage dictates whether a tree should be removed? A good rule of thumb is if the tree is if 50 percent damaged and/or dead, it should probably be removed. Otherwise, corrective pruning is recommended. Often...Read more

Tree Wound Dressings and Pruning Tools

Mar, 14, 2016

As a Kansas City home or business owner, you may not be familiar with wound dressings or the proper care and replacement of pruning and other tools used in the trimming, pruning, or removal of trees. We have some information below we believe you will find useful. At one time, wound dressings were believed to speed up wound closure and reduce decay after a cut was made in a tree. However, recent research has revealed that wound dressings (also referred to by some as "tree paint") may be...Read more