How Trees Can Cause Damage Your Kansas City Home

Having great looking trees in your yard is something that most homeowners appreciate. If you are searching for a property to purchase, then beautiful trees may be a selling point. Even though trees are beautiful, they can also cause pretty severe destruction.

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The Roots

When you initially think of tree roots, the last thing you think about is how strong they are and how much damage they can cause. Roots are one of the most common problems that people have to deal with when having a tree removed, and they are something that can result in damage – in more than one way.

When it comes to your home’s foundation, the tree roots have the ability to move the soil and the materials of your home if they grow. As they start to grow, the roots can cause the soil and materials to shift, creating weak points in the foundation if it isn’t fixed.

In addition to the roots causing damage to your foundation resulting in expensive foundation repair, the roots may also break down the plumbing pipes going into and out of the house. If you have ever noticed water building up in your basement, even if it’s very small and unexplained puddles of water, there is a chance the roots have already made their way into the plumbing system.

Both of these issues require the help and knowledge of a professional to maneuver around the plumbing system or house’s materials. In some cases, it will require the whole trunk of the tree to be removed, which is something that can be tricky – especially with older trees.

Dead Trees

Another issue many people deal with is trees that are dead but that haven’t been removed. It’s important to remain aware of the health of the trees in your yard, as it can provide you with insight regarding hat can be done to keep your home and family safe from a potentially dangerous tree.

The good news is, it’s going to be pretty easy to tell if a tree is dead. The main sign of this issue is cracks. The fact is, a tree that’s dead can be a huge hazard and you need to have it removed right away.

Unwanted Guests

Pest control is something you should take seriously and considered when you are buying a home or building one with large trees in it. While pets are something you have to worry about almost anywhere, if there are a lot of trees, the likelihood of them being around is much higher.

If these pests make their way from the trees into your home, they can cause serious problems. It may be a good idea to have trees inspected to ensure that serious pest issues aren’t present.

If you are concerned about the damage posed by the trees around your property, then calling for professional help is beneficial. This will help ensure you can enjoy your trees and that they don’t cause any adverse issues for your home.