3 Tree Issues That Require Immediate Attention

There are several tree related symptoms that indicate a problem with a tree in your yard. However, there are many issues that remain unnoticed by homeowners. While this is understandable, there are a few signs of tree issues you need to learn about.

If you notice any of the signs mentioned here, then it is a good idea to get in touch with the professionals right away. They can evaluate the overall health and integrity of the tree in question.

Soil Mounding or a Sudden Lean

A tree that leans is incredibly dangerous, and it requires the immediate attention of a professional. While it is true that some trees grow leaning, others develop this all of the sudden, which means there’s something wrong.

If you notice your tree has suddenly begun to lean, then it’s a good indication that it’s about to fall. There are several reasons for this – the soil could be unstable, or the roots may be diseased – both issues are troubling.

Even more dangerous, if a tree begins to lean all of the sudden, it can cause a mound of soil to form. This mound varies in severity from being a slightly raised area to larger, round mounts of dirt that extend several feet over the ground. If this happens, immediate help is needed and, in most cases, the entire tree will have to be removed.

Cracks in the Codominant Trunk

Have you ever heard of a codominant trunk? This issue occurs when a tree has twin trunks that are sharing a single stem. Unlike trees with a single, main trunk, the codominant trunk lacks a strong attachment to the tree. Because they aren’t real branches, they don’t have the stability that a normal branch junction does.

Eventually, the codominant trunk is going to split apart at the junction, which is something that can be especially hazardous. Not only are you going to have a tree falling on the property, but you are also going to have to deal with the remaining half of the tree, which may be wounded mortally, requiring it to be removed right away.

If you have a tree with a codominant tree, it’s a good idea to hve it examined from time to time to ensure that no risks are present. In some cases, having the tree removed is the best way to prevent an issue.

Sudden Limb Drop

Trees can develop loose limbs and deadwood due to many reasons. There are some branches that are naturally shed because they become shaded by larger, higher branches. Others, though, fail because of storm damage, disease, or insect infestation.

These types of trees are a serious hazard, as deadwood may fall at any point. If the tree is going to continue having this issue, then the best option may be to have it replaced.

If you need help determining if you have problem trees on your property, then it is a good idea to reach out to the pros. This is going to help ensure the trees on your property remain safe and don’t pose a threat.