The Potential Dangers and Problems of Overplanting Trees

When you plant a tree, it requires plenty of space to grow and spread its roots. However, if you plant trees too closely together, a number of issues may arise. For example, sunlight will not be able to filter down to the lower leaves, moisture won’t be able to make it to the soil and your trees won’t be able to get the nutrition that is needed.

If trees are planted too closely together, they may also begin to show symptoms of a problem. Proper spacing of your trees can be determined by asking the professionals or doing a bit of research on your own. However, you need to keep in mind, trees are much larger than flowering plants and shrubs, therefore they need more room to grow.

Some of the other issues that may arise with overplanted trees are found here.

Nutrient Deficiencies

When trees are overcrowded, they have to compete with one another for nutrients in the soil, which can cause them to need more fertilizer to remain healthy. Soil only contains a finite amount of nitrogen and other nutrients that are essential for growth. The more trees in a relatively small area, the more quickly all these nutrients are going to be used. Even though increased applications can help to reduce nutrient issues, it is best to plant the tress right the first time to avoid issues with deficiencies. If your tree suffers from nutrient deficiencies, then they may begin to develop yellow or weak foliage, grow poorly or fail to flower or fruit properly.

Disease and Pests

If the air circulation isn’t sufficient where you have your trees planted, then it may lead to an increase in the fundal diseases, such as powdery mildew. Additionally, there may be more issues with pests, such as mites and aphids, which are going to be able to move more easily between the various trees if they are so close to one another that their leaves and branches touch.

When trees are planted with adequate spacing air will be able to move between them freely, which dries the leaves and prevents the occurrence of fungal infections. Also, the trees will be able to grow stronger, which can reduce the impact of disease and pests.

Weak Flowering

Poor flowering and fruiting may occur because there is not enough air circulation, moisture, sunlight or nutrients in a crowded area. Trees expend energy having to reach for sunlight, rather than using this energy to product buds. If the crowded trees do flower, then the blooms are likely going to be sparse and small.

It is a good idea to speak with the professionals when you are planting trees. If you overcrowd an area, your trees are never going to reach their full potential.