Tips for Watering Your Trees

If you are planning on planting trees or have trees in your yard currently, then you need to know how to water them properly. Unfortunately, over watering your trees can be just as damaging as not watering them at all.

The amount of water that is required is dependent on several factors, including the species and age of tree, what type of year it is, the soil and weather. As a general rule, trees that have just been planted and young trees will need to be watered more often than well-established, older trees.

Rules to Follow when Irrigating Your Trees

When you are getting ready to water your trees, you will find there are several methods to do this. You can apply the right amount of water with a hose, drip irrigation or sprinklers. Regardless of how you choose to water the tree, you should follow the basic rules found here.

    • Water deeply instead of frequently: Since most tree roots are found in the upper soil from about 18 to 24 inches, this is what should get wet when irrigation. Each time you irrigate your trees deeply, then the trees water needs will be met for a period of 10 days to four weeks.


  • Stop watering if you begin to see runoff: Soils that have a high clay content will accept water more slowly, in many cases at just a quarter of an inch each hour. If compacted soils are present, water infiltration is especially slow. When you notice that the water has begun to run off or pool, then you should stop the irrigating and allow the water to soak in. Once it is soaked in, then you can begin watering again.
  • Avoid saturating the soil for long periods: The water is going to displace the air present in the soil, which means that soil saturation may suffocate the growing roots. Take time between each of the irrigation cycles to let the water be absorbed.


How Much Water does Each Type of Tree Need

There are a few factors that are going to determine the amount of water a tree needs, which include:

  • The age of the tree: A tree that was just planted will need to be irrigated more frequently than trees that are established because it has a more limited root system.
  • Damage to the roots: If you have an established tree with damaged trees, because of trenching, then they may need more water until a new root is grown to replace the roots that have been destroyed.
  • Time of the year: Your trees will need more water during the hotter months of the year.
  • Weather conditions: If there is a drought, then you will need to water more often.
  • Condition of the soil: The condition, depth and type of soil present will influence how much water can be stored.

If you need more information about watering your trees to keep them healthy, then it is best to contact the professionals. They will ensure your trees remain healthy and get just the right amount of water throughout the year.