April Showers bring May Flowers: Flowers to Enjoy in Kansas City in May

May, 23, 2017

By the time warmer weather arrives, most people want to get out in their yard and bring a bit of color back into their Kansas City landscape. Chances are, if you are like most people, you have tried the latest and greatest plants only to discover soon after planting them, they died. Not only was this a waste of money, but you also didn't get the pop of color you were hoping for. The good news is, some plants do much better in the Kansas City landscape than others. If you really want to have...Read more

Earth Day Highlights the Importance of Quality Landscape Professionals

May, 09, 2017

Even though Earth Day isn’t the oldest official observation on the books, it doesn’t mean that landscapers can use this day for their benefit. After all, Earth Day is all about doing something good for the planet, preventing and reducing pollution and taking steps to ensure the planet is healthy in the future. History of Earth Day The first Earth Day was celebrated in 1970 when the United States Senator Gaylord Nelson decided that there needed to be more public awareness about the many...Read more