Winter Tree Trimming Kansas City

Nov, 18, 2015

With Winter Fast Approaching, Now is the Time to Remove Dangerous Limbs or Trees Anyone who lives in the Kansas City area knows that winter can bring snow, sleet, ice, and all kinds of frozen precipitation that can cause damage to your home or property. What you may not give much thought to is any trees located near your home, storage building, detached garage, or even your driveway or power lines. Snow and ice can really build up on trees and their limbs, putting your property at risk of...Read more

Who's Responsible for Kansas City Tree Maintenance?

Nov, 10, 2015

As a private or commercial property owner, you may not realize who is responsible when it comes to trees that line the street or overhang sidewalks/roadways in the Kansas City area. The simple answer is that property owners are responsible for the maintenance of trees and shrubs within or encroaching the abutting right-of-way, under Section 7.26.200 of the Overland Park, KS Municipal Code. What does this mean for you as a home or business owner with trees that line or overhang streets or...Read more