Who’s Responsible for Kansas City Tree Maintenance?

As a private or commercial property owner, you may not realize who is responsible when it comes to trees that line the street or overhang sidewalks/roadways in the Kansas City area. The simple answer is that property owners are responsible for the maintenance of trees and shrubs within or encroaching the abutting right-of-way, under Section 7.26.200 of the Overland Park, KS Municipal Code. What does this mean for you as a home or business owner with trees that line or overhang streets or sidewalks?

Essentially, trees and shrubs should be trimmed so that there is a clearance of 12.5 ft. over streets, and a height of 8 ft. over sidewalks. This includes trimming away of limbs or areas of trees or shrubs that are dead, and likely to come down. Overhanging or dead limbs or those that hang lower than the height suggested for clearance can create dangerous circumstances for vehicles that pass under trees on roadways, and pedestrians or bicyclists who may use sidewalks.

That being said, we realize that not all property owners are capable of trimming or pruning trees and shrubs to the required height. Many home and business owners do not have the required equipment, or a way to safely get up to a dead limb or limb that is lower than the required clearance. Even those who do have loppers, chainsaws, a ladder, or other equipment often cannot remove limbs safely. When you find yourself in this situation, it’s best to let the professionals handle it for you, and safer for everyone concerned.

As Kansas City tree trimming and removal experts, we know that having the right equipment is critical when trimming away dead, diseased, or broken tree limbs. Some limbs are extremely large in size, and removing them can put your safety and even the safety of others at risk. It is never a good idea to climb a ladder and attempt to use a chainsaw, as it may “kick back” or lose your balance on the ladder as the chain completes the cut through the limb.

While it is important to create the required clearance for trees that encroach right-of-ways or overhang sidewalks, maintaining the shape and beauty of a tree is just as important. There is a right way and a wrong way to trim limbs from trees in order to maintain their health and integrity. In addition, you may have a tree on your property located near a street or sidewalk that requires removal because the entire tree is dead. A dead tree is an accident waiting to happen, particularly when near a roadway, sidewalk, structure, or power lines.

At A & E Tree, our passion is all things trees whether trimming, removal, pruning, or removing stumps in Kansas City. Commercial and private property owners in the Kansas City area with tree maintenance needs can rely on our team for safe, professional trimming of trees and shrubs, and clean up after the job is complete. We guarantee your satisfaction, so contact us today and rest at ease knowing your trees are in compliance with city municipal codes!