Winter Tree Trimming Kansas City

With Winter Fast Approaching, Now is the Time to Remove Dangerous Limbs or Trees

Anyone who lives in the Kansas City area knows that winter can bring snow, sleet, ice, and all kinds of frozen precipitation that can cause damage to your home or property. What you may not give much thought to is any trees located near your home, storage building, detached garage, or even your driveway or power lines. Snow and ice can really build up on trees and their limbs, putting your property at risk of damage should limbs break due to the weight, or a dead or diseased tree fall.

While the official start of winter is fast approaching, fall is a great time to inspect your property and pay particular attention to the condition of your trees. The fall season can be stormy in the KC area, which often results in falling branches, cracks in limbs that can pose a risk later on, etc. Trees that are damaged can pose a risk not only to your property, but to your family as well causing thousands of dollars in damage. Inspect your trees for cracked branches, excessive growth of fungus, hollows in trunks, and other signs that could indicate a problem in the future.

Tree Trimming Kansas City & Pruning

Fall is also the ideal time to prune or have dead or dying trees removed. Pruning or trimming is the most cost-effective solution for protecting your home and other structures from the potential damage of falling limbs. Because trees (like other plants) have a tendency to grow toward light sources that are most powerful, they may grow directly over your home. It’s important to keep in mind that pruning trees can be very dangerous, so you may want to consider hiring the best Kansas City tree trimming professionals rather than attempting to do the job yourself.

When a tree is dying or dead, it will gradually begin to lean over time. Sometimes you may not even notice the tree isn’t as straight as it once was. In inspecting your property, pay special attention to any trees that are dead or dying, especially those leaning in the direction of your home. It may be time to have the tree removed, before it falls on your property or home and causes costly damage, or even leaves you or someone else injured. Trees that are hollow at the roots and/or dead are also dangerous. During fall thunderstorms with high winds or winter storms that bring along copious amounts of snow, sleet, and ice, damaged or dead trees can be a tragedy waiting to happen.

Tree Removal

You may think it’s too much work to have a dead or dangerous tree removed. The fact is, tree removal professionals can make short work of the job, removing top limbs before using a stump grinder to remove the remaining stump. After the hard work’s done, we simply clean up the mess and leave your property in a much safer condition.

At A & E Tree we know the beauty trees can add to your landscape – but we also know the dangers they can pose if not properly trimmed and cared for, especially those located in close proximity of your home. For all of your Kansas City tree trimming and removal services, count on the experts!