April Showers bring May Flowers: Flowers to Enjoy in Kansas City in May

By the time warmer weather arrives, most people want to get out in their yard and bring a bit of color back into their Kansas City landscape. Chances are, if you are like most people, you have tried the latest and greatest plants only to discover soon after planting them, they died. Not only was this a waste of money, but you also didn’t get the pop of color you were hoping for.

The good news is, some plants do much better in the Kansas City landscape than others. If you really want to have success with your garden this year, consider some of the options found here.

Grey Owl Juniper

This is an evergreen that can provide your garden with some unique coloring. In fact, this plant’s color is unlike any of the other evergreens you have in your landscape with a bright silvery-gray hue. It also features needle-like foliage that has a finer texture. It makes a great accent plant and looks amazing if you plant several together. Unlike other junipers, it is still small, reaching just three feet tall and about six feet wide. The size makes it versatile and doesn’t overpower the garden.

Easy Does It, Rose

This rose definitely lives up to its name and is a pretty carefree plant. The flowers produced include a combination of colors, including apricot, peach, pink and orange that mix with the glossy, dark green leaves. During the hottest part of the summer, this rose will bloom virtually nonstop and retain its beautiful, vibrant colors throughout. It grows to about three to four feet tall, which makes it a smart backdrop plant for your landscape design.

Perennial Hibiscus

It can be somewhat difficult to find plants that will flower during the heat of the summer. However, the perennial hibiscus is an exception to this. Make sure you don’t confuse the perennial hibiscus with its more tropical cousin that is reserved to patio living. This hardy hibiscus will die during the winter months and then reemerge in the spring. The flowers bloom in a number of colors from lavender, pink, white, red and there are some blooms that are even bi-colored. Some of the flowers are quite large, reaching the size of an average dinner plate. If you care for the plant properly, you will find that it produces flowers for over a month, which is pretty good for a perennial.

If you are ready to bring color back into your Kansas City landscape, then consider the options here. You will find they offer a myriad of color that helps you enjoy your outdoor space even more.