Spring Time Tree Pruning for Kansas City

Spring is just around the corner – in fact, just days away! If you live in eastern Kansas areas including Topeka, Kansas City, Lawrence, or other nearby cities, you will be interested to learn why tree pruning should be done this time of year, and why it is so important. At A & E Tree, we specialize in such services as tree trimming and pruning, structure pruning, tree removal, stump grinding, and more. Pruning and trimming various types of trees during the spring will result in a more beautiful landscape, increased curb appeal, and healthy, more vigorous trees.

Many eastern Kansas homeowners have the “itch” to prune trees during fall, when temperatures are mild. The fact is, it’s best to wait until late winter or spring, after all of the leaves have fallen from the trees. If you get in too big of a rush, you can actually do more harm than good.

Why wait until spring to prune your trees?

If you prune your trees in early fall or late summer while temperatures are warm, it can stimulate new growth, which may be harmed when colder temperatures approach. This essentially results in the need to do additional pruning when spring comes to remove the damage.

Fungal disease may be an issue if you prune during fall months, as the wounds or areas where you prune are at an increased risk. Wounds are slow to close during fall, but will close faster during spring.

Some pruning can be done during fall months, however pruning should be limited to damaged, diseased, or dead wood. This is good not only for the health of the tree, but for your family’s safety as well. High branches or bigger limbs should only be removed by a professional.

Certain trees can be pruned during the fall months, particularly evergreens that show signs of insect infestation or disease. Any wounds from pruning will be hidden by the time spring/summer arrives by vigorous growth.

Why should you even worry about spring pruning of your trees if you live in Kansas City or surrounding areas?

Pruning helps maintain the natural tree form, and can stimulate growth in areas of the tree that may be sparse. In addition, pruning away diseased, dead, or damages branches of a tree will assist in preventing insects and other organisms that can be harmful from entering the tree. Dense canopies are often less resistant to disease, because of the lack of air and sunlight.

When you prune a tree the correct way, the tree will ultimately maintain a stronger structure, which means increased safety for your home and family, and less damage during thunderstorms that often contain high winds.

Your trees will thrive because they receive more water and nutrition when water sprouts and suckers are removed. Proper pruning results in healthier, more beautiful trees.

Whether you are a resident in the eastern Kansas area or a commercial business, you can rely on the professionals at A & E Tree for prompt service, fair prices, and great results. Give us a call today!