Selecting the Best Tree for Your Kansas City Landscape

Whether a home or business owners, landscape is important for giving your home or commercial business curb appeal. If you’re in the Kansas City metro area, you may be wondering about selecting the best tree to plant to round out your landscaping efforts and add dimension. The fact is, it isn’t enough to simply pick out any old tree; various species have different shapes and habits. We’ve provided some information below that will help you choose the proper tree (or trees) for your landscape.

First, ask yourself a few questions. For instance, where do you want to plant the tree, and what are the conditions in that location in regards to sun/shade, soil drainage, the potential for wind damage, etc.? It’s also important to decide whether you want a tree that provides shade, one that is columnar in shape, rounded, a weeping tree, or one that flowers. Size is also an important factor, as most types of trees grow from 30′ tall to 60′ tall. In addition, you’ll want to know what care is necessary in order for the tree to thrive, such as watering, pruning, or tree trimming.

Below is a bit of information on various tree shapes/types:

Kansas City Shade trees

Generally a shade tree is a wide branching tree that requires adequate space around its perimeter. Shade trees are appealing from a distance, and can create an intimate outdoor space or inviting atmosphere for your custom Kansas City deck or patio, depending on the number of trees planted and size of yard.

Kansas City Columnar trees

With branches that grow upward and close to the trunk in a symmetrical fashion, a columnar tree is a good choice for areas that are restricted. They’re also effective as screening when planted in rows. Juniper and hornbeams are examples of columnar trees that do great in eastern Kansas.

Kansas City Weeping trees

Exceptional where you want to add an aura of grace such as near a pond or in an open area where wind can gently sweep through the canopy, there is a wide variety of weeping trees available in our area.

Kansas City Flowering trees

Typically smaller in size with a maximum growth height potential of about 35 feet, flowering trees add seasonal color and make a dramatic impact on your landscape. Some flower for only a few days, while other varieties may flower for several weeks. Dogwood, crabapple, and magnolia trees bear showy flowers, bright fruit, and add color even in the fall as colors change; they also provide interest because of their shape even when leafless.

The Best Trees for Kansas City

There are certain trees that are not recommended for our area for reasons including disease-prone, weak wood, insect infestation, and soil issues. These include the Pin Oak, Bradford Pear, Green Ash, Scotch Pine, Siberian Elm, and European White Birch, to name a few.

Hopefully the information above will help you select the proper tree for your Kansas City landscape. No matter which type you choose, when you need trimming, pruning, stump removal or other tree services, count on A & E Tree for professional results