How to Handle Tree Branches Touching or Hanging Over Your Roof

If you are like most people, you love the trees in your yard. They provide aesthetic and curb appeal that you can’t deny. However, if you begin to notice that the branches of these trees have started hanging over your house, or the limbs are drooping, it may be time to take action. The fact is, these issues present a number of problems, including safety issues.

The Potential of Kansas City Roof Damage from Tree Branches

If there are limbs hanging over your home, then they present a threat to your roof that may require to call a Kansas City roofer, as well as your entire property.

There are several reasons for this:

  • As the branches scrape against the shingles of your roof on a windy day, they can strip off some of the asphalt.
  • The leaves from the trees can fall directly onto the roof or in the gutter, leaving to the development of mold, issues with deterioration and leaks.
  • If the tree is diseased or damaged, a bad storm can result in the limbs falling on your home.

Determine Who Owns the Tree

Before you can take action against a hazardous tree hanging over your home, you have to figure out if it is planted on your property or your neighbors. If it is your neighbors, you need to talk with them before trimming it, or they may hold you responsible for damage to their tree.

Tips to Cut Tree Limbs Over Your House

Because the branches are going to be hanging over your roof already, they are in the perfect position to cause damage if you aren’t careful. A single wrong cut and the branches may fall and require significant repairs to your home or roof. Also, if you attempt a do-it- yourself repair, you will have to be on a ladder to get to the branches. This is going to put you and your home in danger.

Hiring a Kansas City Tree Care Professional to Handle the Job

The fact is, trimming limbs over your home’s roof is extremely risky. If you make a mistake, it can be costly. This is why it is best to call the professionals to handle the job. They will be able to remove the branches safely, and ensure no damage occurs to your home. Additionally, even in the worst-case- scenario, if a professional does cause damage to your home’s roof while trimming the tree, their insurance is going to cover the cost of repairs.

If you have noticed that there is a tree putting your property at risk, then you should not hesitate to contact the professionals. They will be able to provide the services you need, while ensuring your property or safety are not jeopardized during the process.