What Fruit Trees Grow Well in Kansas?

There is nothing quite as exciting than being able to go in your backyard and enjoy a home-grown piece of fruit. Fruit trees are not only fun to grow, they are also aesthetically pleasing, bringing a unique beauty to your landscape. However, there are some fruit trees that are not suitable for the Kansas climate. As a result, it is a good idea to learn about what grows well in this area before investing any money in fruit trees.

Apple Trees

Delicious Golden, Granny Smith, Jonagold, Delicious, Jonathan, Empire, and Gala are the apple varieties that grow well in Kansas. This is information that was discovered by research groups from Kansas State University.

However, apple trees do require cross fertilization if you want the best fruit possible. This means that you will need to plant and grow two different types of apple trees in your yard. Additionally, planting apple trees that are a year old will produce better results than trying to relocate a tree that is already mature. When planting your apple trees, make sure they are located in grassy areas that are away from rivers, streams and the woods. These types of trees need to be in full sunlight in order to reach maturity and product the most fruit possible. To keep the trees healthy, you will also have to spray them biweekly with pesticides.

Apricot Trees

Even though an apricot tree will only produce fruit one time every five to 10 years, they are still extremely beautiful trees that produce ornate foliage and flowers. When the trees bloom, they do late in the spring and they don’t require much maintenance during the year.

However, you will have to apply insecticide in order to keep the tree protected from the invasive boring insects and a fungicide that prevents disease from growing in the tree. You also have to water this tree frequently, especially during the hotter months of the year. Some of the best options to plant in Kansas including Superb, Manchu, Goldcot or Moorpark.

Peach Trees

The varieties of peach trees that grow well in Kansas include Reliance, Harken, Redhaven and Early Redhaven. If you want the highest likelihood of success with your peach tree, you need to plant it when it is a year old and has an established root system. It is best to plant these in sandy soil and soak the tree’s roots for a period of at least six hours before planting it. After it is planted, your peach tree will need to be pruned frequently. It is usually best to leave this job to the professionals.

If you are thinking about planting fruit trees in or around your Kansas property, make sure to use the information here to grow trees that are going to thrive in the environment. You can also contact the professionals to ensure you make the right selections.