Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree: The Most Popular Options

Each year, people in America purchase more than 20 million real Christmas trees. The majority of these trees are purchased off of a retail lot or from a Christmas tree farm. In most cases, where you live will dictate the type of evergreen trees available; however, there are dozens to choose from in any region.

If you are on the hunt for the best Christmas tree, some of the factors you may be considering include size, style, and shape of the tree. Learn more about some of the most popular options here to find one that suits your wants and needs.

The Fraser Fir

This type of Christmas tree is extremely popular because is able to continue living even after being cut and then shipped long distances.

This tree is only grown at elevations over 5,000 feet, which means most areas have to have this tree shipped in during the holidays. It has needles that are dark green in color and that are about a half of an inch to an inch long. It provides superior needle retention and that great “piney” scent that is often associated with Christmas.

The Douglas Fir

This is another common variety of Christmas tree that is found in the central and northern part of the U.S. However, the Douglas fir isn’t a “true” fir, and as a result has its own species classification. The Douglas fir has cones that hang downward, which is opposite of traditional firs and these trees grow into a cone shape naturally. The needles are about one to one and a half inches long and have a sweet scent if crushed.

The Colorado Blue Spruce

Most people are familiar with this tree because it is used as an ornamental tree used in many landscape plans. The tree has needles that are one to three inches long and dark green or powdery blue in color. In many cases, these trees are sold as living Christmas trees, including the entire root ball, which lets you plant it once the holidays are over. This tree has grown in popularity in recent years because it rarely sheds needles when inside.

The Scotch Pine

Another extremely popular option for Christmas trees is the Scotch pine. This tree is popular because it very rarely sheds its needles and it has superior water retention abilities after being cut. However, the Scotch pine isn’t native to the U.S., having been brought over by the Europeans. The aroma of this tree is extremely popular, which is why it is so often associated with Christmas trees.

If you are on the hunt for the perfect Christmas tree, then you will find there are more than a few to choose from. Think about the amount of space you have for the tree, as this is going to play a huge role in finding one for your home. The good news is, regardless of what you choose, you will have a beautiful way to decorate your home for the holidays.