Can Old Tree Stumps Attract Termites?

This is a common question that many homeowners have. According to statistics, termites and other types of wood-boring insects cause over $30 billion worth of damages to homes, crops and other man-made structures.

A termite is classified as an eusocial insect and eat the organic matter that wood is made of, cellulose. The bad news for homeowners is that this means they can cause significant structural damage if an infestation occurs. This is why

Tree Stumps and the Danger of Termites

To answer the question, “can a tree stump attract termites,” yes, it can. There are two types of termites that may be attracted to a stump that is left in your yard:

  1. Dampwood: These usually only eat wood that has already begun to rot or decay. If you notice these, then they don’t pose an immediate risk to your home.
  2. Subterranean: These are the most common type of termite and will eat about any type of wood or substance that contains cellulose. These pose an immediate risk to your home.

Signs of a Termite Infestation on a Tree Stump

In most cases, you can tell that a stump is infested by termites by searching for a few tell-tale signs. The first and most obvious is if you notice any hollowed wood. In most cases, termites aren’t going to start eating the outside of a piece of wood. They prefer to move inside and work their way out. If you notice that the stump appears or feels hollow, there is a good chance that you have a termite problem.

An easy test you can use to figure out if a stump is hollow is to use a screwdriver to poke it. If the tool goes through it easily, then it is likely because termites have eaten away the interior of the stump.

Another indication that termites are present is if you see discarded wings. While both flying ants and termites have wings, ants will not discard them. As a result, if you notice this, then you can feel confident that termites are present.

Removing the Stump

There is good news. Even if termites are present, you can usually eradicate the problem by getting rid of the offending tree stump. If you turn a blind eye to the issue, it is only going to get worse. After the termites are finished eating the stump, they will move on to anything else that is made of wood and nearby. This includes your home. If you are worried there is a stump in your yard that is infested by termites, then you should have it removed right away to prevent more serious damage.

Keep in mind, removing a stump before termites come is also a good idea. A professional tree service can handle this quickly and provide you with peace of mind that termites aren’t and won’t be an issue.