Benefits of Pruning Trees During Winter Months

If you’re a Kansas City home or business owner who cherishes your trees, you  may not be aware of the advantages of pruning trees during winter months, or while they’re young.  Beautiful trees add significantly to your landscape, and even to the value of your home should you ever consider selling.  So, why should you consider winter tree service or having your trees pruned while they’re young?

Benefits of tree service during the winter season

After all of the leaves have fallen from trees in winter months, a professional can more easily assess the structure of your trees.  Flowers and other summer annuals are no longer present, which means the risk of damaging other aspects of your landscape is greatly reduced.  Considering the ground is frequently frozen during colder winter months, equipment can easily access your property with less risk of damage, and easier access to your trees.  In addition, workers are safe during winter months when trees are bare and visibility is improved.  As far as the health of your trees, winter season pruning can reduce the chance of spreading various diseases that predominantly spread during warmer spring and summer seasons, during the growing season.

Why have your trees pruned while they’re young?

There are many reasons residential and commercial property owners should consider a Kansas City tree service for pruning tasks while trees are young and established.  Taking care of your trees now ensures a healthier future.  When you wait until a tree is older and more established, problems can require extensive and costly repair work.  Many issues property owners face with older trees could have been prevented if the trees had been properly pruned when they were younger.  Ultimately, pruning trees while they’re younger will save you money over the long run!

What problems should you look for that may be remedied with pruning?

Dead and/or dying branches and twigs

Sprouts growing near the base of the tree trunk

Branches that are rubbing or crossed, often resulting in branches that grow toward the interior of the canopy

Narrow crotches (a narrow space where a lateral branch attaches to the trunk) – pruning helps prevent storm damage

Multiple leaders.  When there are more than one leader in a species of tree that typically has only a single leader, removing those less dominant is essential to ensure the tree will regain its normal shape

Removal of branches that could transform into potential hazards on roadways.  Many municipalities in KC have clearance codes that apply to trees hanging over roadways and sidewalks.  For the correct canopy height, check with the city or county in which you reside

Single branches (other than the leader) often grow at a faster rate than the rest of a tree.  Pruning these branches ensures your tree will return to its proper shape.

Tree pruning isn’t something home and business owners should put aside until problems occur.  Winter pruning is important, and  having your trees pruned while they’re young can not only save you money in the long run, but prevent damaged and misshapen trees that can mar the beauty of your landscape. 

Trees are vital not only to the visual appeal of your property, but for providing shade and improving the environment.  If you have questions about pruning or are hesitant to take care of this task yourself, consult your tree care professional to ensure the trees in your landscape have a long, healthy future.  At A & E Tree, our Kansas City tree pruning professionals are dedicated to beautiful, vibrant landscapes!